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10th annual non-Stop Patthan Pwe live broadcast from Azusa temple

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“ To be noble, we must practice forbearance, magnanimity, and forgiveness. ”

Venerable Mt. Tant Kyi Sayadaw

9th Non-Stop Recitation of the Athena Scriptures

On Waso full moon day in Maha Era year 109, from near a “Kandaka” white mango tree in “Thawuhti” city, Lord Buddha ascended to “Tavateinsa”, the abode of angels. He did this after creating an awesome display of lights and water (in the sky) with his supernatural powers in order to convert the “Ditthis” from their view of eternalism.

On the seventh year after attaining Buddhahood, Lord Buddha spent the Vasak in "Tavateinsa" and preached the “Abhidhamma” scriptures’ 7 volumes, non-stop, day and night, for the entire three months of Vasak. He did this as a token of gratitude for his mother who had reincarnated there, as the “Sandusita” angel. The angel was accompanied by a huge entourage audience of angels and spiritual beings congregating from all over the Universe.

To honor Lord Buddha for his non-stop 3 months recitation of the “Abhidhamma” scriptures; our Sangha (monks) will recite the Patthana scriptures non-stop, day and night, for 8 days from 10/04/09 to 10/11/09. The Patthana is considered unique. On attaining Omniscience, Lord Buddha was contemplating on the 7 Abhidhamma volumes while sitting on the “Yadanagara” platform. Nothing unusual happened while He was contemplating on the first 6 volumes. Only when He was contemplating on the 7th volume, the Patthana, did a brilliant halo of colorful lights radiate from him and spread on to the Universe. Such was the power of the Patthana scriptures that people believe reciting the Patthana, or hearing its recitation or drinking Patthana holy water will impart certain blessings such as warding off dangers & spirits, curing illness, attaining prosperity or success, or being guarded by angels. Thus, for the many blessings from this rare non-stop Patthana scriptures recitation, we cordially invite you and your family to attend and to obtain Patthana holy water (talismans) on recitation completion day.

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