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“ To be noble, we must practice forbearance, magnanimity, and forgiveness. ”

Venerable Mt. Tant Kyi Sayadaw

Thank You

We, PBA Board of Directors, would like to thank you all guarantors, sponsors, donors and volunteers for the 2009 Nibban Zay. Your commitment to helping and supporting in our Azusa Thondrarama Brahma Vihara and our Burmese community is sincerely appreciated.

Each year PBA continues to advance its mission of Buddha Sāsanā and Sasana's Building. Through our projects and programs, we have seen many improvements at this Blessing Vihara.

The goal of our organization is continue to make a difference in the Sasana Images, with the help of donations and volunteering from supporters such as you. We will continue to see improvements in this Thondrarama Azusa Brahmā Vihāra.

We heartily thank all of you for your generous deeds and anticipate the same in the forthcoming years too.

We wish you all a happy, wealthy and long life.

Board of Directors
Progressive Buddhist Association